Project Director and Co-Director

The Department of Molecular Medicine (MOMA), Aarhus University Hospital (AUH) Skejby is the coordinating partner and administrator of the project. Professor Torben F. Ørntoft will act as project director. He will handle all communication with the Danish Strategic Research Council. Also, he has the overall responsibility of legal, contractual, ethical, financial, and administrative implementation of the decisions taken by the Project Steering Committee (see below) as well as guiding and monitoring the progress of individual work packages and knowledge management. Besides experience with scientific supervision, financial and operational management, prof. Ørntoft has proven interdisciplinary research leadership.

Associate professor and molecular biologist PhD Karina Dalsgaard Sørensen at MOMA will be project co-director. She will gain experience with project steering and international collaborations in this project and will obtain skills that will secure her role as a future female research leader in Denmark. Administrative project management will be ensured by Administrative Coordinator, Phd Christina Bak Pedersen at MOMA, AUH Skejby.


Project Steering Committee

The supreme decision-making body of the project is the Project Steering Committee (PSC) consisting of the partners listed (see organisation chart below). The PSC will undertake all major or strategic decisions of relevance to the execution of the project. The committee will also be responsible for reviewing the scientific progress of the study, taking action to overcome obstacles in a timely manner, reviewing budgets and expenditures to ensure an efficient conduction of the study and, if necessary, reallocate budgets to accomplish the project strategy and objectives.

The PSC will have meetings (video conferences) scheduled around major milestones and at least twice a year according to a written agenda. Meeting reports will be disseminated to the entire research network to ensure a high level of information on the progress of the study. Between meetings, day-to-day communication by phone/e-mail will be essential for efficient execution of the project. Two international meetings for all participating nodes will be arranged during the 4 year period.

Management structure - leaders of individual WPs are marked in bold.